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Hempel Enamels and Varnishes

Hempel enamels and paints have been specifically formulated to withstand the marine environment and excellent resistance to UV rays.
Hempel produces one- and two-component
enamels and paints, and products for both the interior and the exterior of the boat.

Alkyd enamel that resists the ravages of time. Good viscosity and resistance to sunlight, seawater and mineral oils. Intermediate or finishing coat in alkyd cycles on surfaces inside/outside above the waterline.

HEMPEL BRILLIANT GLOSS 53200 is a modified alkyd, high gloss finish with excellent color retention. Flexible and resistant to sea water and to spillage of mineral oils. Easy to apply as an exceptional finish.

Semi-gloss urethane alkyd fast drying paint. It offers good resistance to seawater, sunlight and adverse weather conditions. The product is similar to HEMPEL'S DURA-GLOSS VARNISH 02020 but with a satin finish.

HEMPEL DURA GLOSS VARNISH Alkyd-urethane fast drying paint. Good resistance to sea water, sunlight and bad weather. Recommended on new or previously painted wood, for external and internal surfaces.

HEMPEL HEMPADUR SEALER Two-component epoxy-polyamide with low viscosity and good penetration. Recommended for the saturation of fibreglass laminates, when the gel-coat has been removed (for repair of osmosis damage).

HEMPEL's OCEAN 55500 GLOSS is a two-omponent polyurethane fast drying paint with excellent color and gloss retention, suitable for spray applications. It can be used in marine enviroment and is resistant to abrasion and impact.