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Attiva Marine Primer 2,5 Lt #451COL505

Attiva Marine Primer 2,5 Lt #451COL505

CUSTOM PRODUCT. Two-component universal insulating anti corrosive epoxy primer for every media type. Can also be used as intermediate undercoat.

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DESCRIPTION: universal primer or thick protection undercoat
Color: white, gray 030 035
Type: two-component epoxy polyamide
Recommended use: On wood. For protection (marine weather and ultraviolet light) and decoration. For interior/exterior
POT LIFE: 6:00
Specific weight: 1.30 ± 0.02 Kg/Lt (white)
SOLIDS by VOLUME: 45% ± 2%
COVERAGE PER COAT: (50 MICRONS dry): Theoretical 9 m ²/lt Practical: 7.8-m ²/lt 7.2 (loss Factor: 13%-20%)
THICKNESS PER COAT: 100 Μm wet Film: dry film thickness: 50 microns
RECOATING TIME: minimum: maximum: 4:00 pm 48 h. (weather conditions)
LAUNCH TIME: minimum: Maximum 7 days: see drying table
Application method: brush-roller-spray (air or airless)
AIR APPLICATION: SPRAY nozzle diameter: 1.4-1.6 mm pressure: 2-4. Thinning Kg/cm%: 10-15
AIRLESS APPLICATION: nozzle size: 0.015-0.018 mm output pressure: 150 Kg/cm
APPLICATION CONDITIONS: 5°-35° c. (15°-25° c. spray)-max humidity: 85%, no wind, dust, rain
Diluent: 128. For brush, roller 5% max. Preferably only on 1st coat
TEMP. Flash point: 24° C

Note:  All times are calculated at a temperature of 20° C and then change with the change of temperature according to this rule: for every variation of about 10° C, time is either doubled or halved.


Preparation (new or old media made new)

FIBERGLASS: Total and meticulous degreasing with anti silicone cleaner. Remove all the wax. An easy control system is to wet the hull and check the persistence of water droplets or streaks of oil through the sunrays. In that case repeat the degreasing otherwise there will be no adherence. Wash with fresh water only. Light sanding.

Wood: wipe any grease, resin, glue. Strong sanding. Dry well. Proceed immediately to  stain the new wood with at least 2 coats of "Lignoguard" and allow to penetrate - sand.

STEEL/IRON: SA 2.5 sandblasting or disking Blasting (large discs). Apply the primer immediately (max 30) after the preparation to prevent formation of rust.

Light alloy: thorough degreasing, wash with fresh water, strong sanding or disking (fine disks). If sanding, use low pressure to avoid damaging the metal and use fine-grained non-metallic abrasive. Apply a coat of primer before the support/media presents signs of oxidation and within 24 hours from the superficial cleaning treatment.


FIBERGLASS: 1 coat (50 microns) protective Marine primer Primer (2-component). To prevent osmosis, apply an additional 2-3 coats (150 microns) on hull and bilge

STEEL/WOOD: 1 coat (50 microns) of Marine Primer plus 4 coats (200 microns) protective undercoat Marine Primer (epoxy two-component)

LIGHT ALLOYS: 1 coat (50 microns) of Marine Primer plus 4 coats (200 microns) protective undercoat Marine Primer (two-component epoxy)

Warning: If a filler is required use only two-component epoxy type and apply it after the first coat of Marine Primer overcoating it with subsequent coats


Hull: Apply 2 full coats of antifouling.

Outboard: Apply 2 full coats of polyurethane enamel (Viva)


Marine Primer is long-lasting if 200 microns are applied (minimum 5 years). Does not require special maintenance. If over time it needs retouching, first remove the antifouling or paint and after a thorough sanding apply a further coat. Sanding may be substituted by Fiberguard anchoring primer only if antifoulng is applied as a subsequent coat.If the hull is brought to its original state, follow the cycles indicated, with the exception of wood where the impregnating primer is substituted by a first coat of undercoat diluted by 30% per a better penetration of the wood.


Compatibility: "Marine Primer" is compatible with all 2 k epoxy and polyurethane products and also with all antifouling paints. Can be coated with one-component "Fiberguard" primer.

ATTENTION: stir base and catalyst separately and then together before and during application • meticulously observe the overcoating times (at 20° C min. 16-max 48 h,  if the 48 hours are exceeded then heavily sand before the next coat. If the subsequent coat is an antifouling, sanding can be replaced with 1 coat of primer (Fiberguard) • protection is given only by applying the required thickness and this is achieved by applying the right amount (divide the surface to be coated (m2) by the practial coverage (m2/lt) and multiply the result by the number of coats required • since the times indicated in the datasheet vary with the temperature, to reduce errors apply 1 coat  per day, launch days after 7, and apply the catalyzed product within 2 hours •  Apply longitudinally and across  • Not suitable for flexible wood.